Largo Homes For Sale

Largo Homes For Sale

Largo, Florida is the 4th largest city in the Tampa Bay Area and the 3rd largest in Pinellas County with right around 80,000 residents. Largo is known for the many parks that are scattered around the city. They are a great place to enjoy the great weather that Florida presents. There are many activities and special events that the city puts together in the parks especially Largo Central Park. Largo is a city expanding its footprint, adding top-rated schools, new neighborhoods, and marketplaces everywhere. Buying one of the Largo homes for sale allows you to be apart of this experience, while also becoming a home buyer in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Largo Has Countless Of Parks Throughout The City

Largo Central Park is a great place around the holidays such as enjoying the extravagant Christmas light displays or taking in a fireworks show for the fourth of July. Largo is a great city for family orientated people looking great place to settle down.


A+ School Systems In Florida

It has many great schools public and private for all age groups from kindergarten through high school. Largo has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to the area’s economy. Job growth in the Largo area is continuing to grow with a 3.13 percent growth rate over the past few years and its unemployment rate sits lower than national average.


Largo Homes For Sale Come At Affordable Pricing

Not only does Largo have plenty of job growth, but it also has plenty of affordable housing. The cost of living in Largo is 13.30 percent lower than the national average. With affordable housing Largo also posts a strong real estate market with a home appreciation of 12.10 percent making it a great place to buy a house. With great schools, affordable housing, and strong job market Largo is a great place for families.


Buy A House In Largo, Florida Today

Largo’s location makes it easy to enjoy the many other advantages that Pinellas County has including easy access to the great beaches. It gives off the feeling of a small city, but offers the benefits of its bigger neighboring cities. Largo has many advantages to offer its residents which makes it a great place to live.