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Real Estate Radio Show In Tampa Bay, FL Hosted By Katrina Madewell


Tampa Home Talk brings a wealth of knowledge and information that is valuable and useful to listeners. The kind of information that you need, before you know that you need it. Expert contributors and resources will be available for listeners to accomplish their goals and dreams in life while listening to Tampa Home Talk’s Real Estate Radio Show In Tampa. We are LIVE every Friday morning at 9 a.m. EST on Money Talk AM 1010AM, 103.1FM, & 99.5FMHD(2).


Katrina Madewell has something to say –


“I believe people should love where they live. It’s important. Everyone should have a home that they love, in an area that makes you who you are, supports your lifestyle and makes you the highest version of yourself. Love where you live, or we’ll fix it.” 


The Mission Of Tampa Home Talk:


1. Keep and maintain GREAT credit, because we know that many people took a turn for the worse during the mortgage implode, meltdown

2. Live within your means, who does this anymore, right?

3. Build Wealth, my team and I are passionate about it!


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Not only does Tampa Home Talk provide a live real estate radio show in Tampa Bay, FL every week for our listeners, but also provide video uploads of past shows in case you were not able to tune in at the set time that day.

We never want our clients to miss out on the valuable information we speak about on Tampa Home Talk.

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