Tampa Homes Running into Short Supply

I don’t know how long you’ve been looking for homes in Tampa, but if you’ve been watching the prices, the price per square foot, as well as the number of available homes for sale in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are substantially fewer homes available now than there were at this time last year. The prices you will pay are higher and you can expect to get less house for the same price as you would have a year ago.

Recently, I was looking for 3 bedroom homes available for sale in the Steinbrenner High School District, and there are only 64 homes available for sale now. These Prices start at $109,900 for a small town home and go up to 3.3M in Keystone Acres.

We have seen that there are several cash buyers, and investors that are buying up as many deals as they can get their hands on. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find every home available for sale, from every real estate office, right here on our website. It’s all “Real-Time” data, meaning we’ll never leave homes that have already been sold, posted up as homes available for sale. So click around, have fun, and leave us a comment, or let me know what you want to see here. We’ll do our best to bring it to you.

When you are Ready for help, just let us know, we’re a phone call or a click away.

Katrina Madewell
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Did I mention its was a sunny 84 degrees here today? and its not even Mid January yet.


  1. Bonnie says

    Well, if people don’t watch out, Florida will end up in the same housing crisis as before with home prices over inflated. The best market is always one that’s stable. Hopefully, the buyers stay smart and refuse to pay more then a house is really worth.

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